Michael Kubisky | Episode 14: Meet Michael Kubisky

1 hour 37 mins by The Sparked Podcast |

Michael Kubisky started "The Sparked Podcast" but never really has shared his personal testimony. Michael opens up and shares his personal testimony to you on how God has changed him and to be transparent. If you are down to the last straw on things that are happening to you this episode is for you. This episode is not to lift the name of Michael Kubisky higher it's to help the people who are hurting, maybe your facing a divorce? Maybe your filling an empty void in your life with relationships, sex, money, drugs, alcohol, food, whatever it is, it can and will fail you, God will never fail you, leave you or forsake you.

I am not sure if we have really met. I have done podcast episodes of others with their stories. I am going to be opening up and share my story, my testimony of what God has done, so you can know where I am coming from, a little history about me, a little biography bout me. I am doing this not to uplift my self at any means, but to share what God has done and what God can do for you.
God Bless You
-Michael L. Kubisky
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